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Testing Mnemonics as a Card Deck v2

I’ve updated the index card deck to include “AIM” by Robert Sabourin. An article referencing this mnemonic was published by Better Software in an article called “X Marks the Test Case: Using Mind Maps for Software Design” back in 2006. … Continue reading

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Reporting a mobile defect

This past week I taught a class on mobile testing at CAST 2012. We brainstormed a list of factors to consider when reporting a mobile defect. Not all of these items will be a factor in the defect but it … Continue reading

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Testing Mnemonics as a Card Deck

I have an interest in helping testers new to exploratory testing or experienced testers who may feel be at a loss for testing ideas from time to time. That interest is the primary purpose behind a new class I’m working … Continue reading

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