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; SQL injections- -‘

SQL injections. I recounted my first experience testing with SQL injections last weekend at IWST. About a year and a half ago, I had read an article about SQL injections and tried a drop table command. Within seconds, the DBA … Continue reading

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Disposable Knowledge

Pod slurping, stemming, cloaking, biometric authentication, insecure direct object reference, and mashups are a few of the topics I’ve been reading up on lately. Which of these topics will I need? None immediately. Knowledge comes and goes. Some technologies enter … Continue reading

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Intensity: life at the end of a project

I’m working on a project that was wrapping up this week. I could feel the tension and excitement building. While part of me is exhausted, part of me loves the finale. Our final round of testing was conducted in an … Continue reading

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SQL Intuition

I noticed a missing distinct clause on a SQL statement a couple of days ago. Not the most amazing find but its small discovery got me thinking about something I do while testing. I think about the SQL. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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