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The storyteller’s community

There is a world of storytellers and in that world there is a community just as much as there is a community in software testing. Katharine Hansen reached out to me recently with a warm welcome to the community of … Continue reading

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The us fda does not comment on adverse effects from unapproved uses of medications. Prednisolone was developed to treat the symptoms of an inflammatory condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. If your doctor recommends that you use any form of birth control for a period of time, it is important to use a method that is appropriate for the situation, including one that is suitable for the period of time.

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Testing SCDs

An SCD is a slowly changing dimension in a data warehouse. There are three different forms of SCDs. SCD1 overwrites data, SCD2 maintains historical data and SCD3 maintains some of the data. SCDs and testing in a data warehouse is … Continue reading

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