Building Alliances
After years of working as a software tester and a technical writer, I presented on the topic of Building Alliances at work. I talk about the positive aspects of building solid relationships that are highly-functional and positive. What those positive relationships look like and how to build them. I also talk about some of the negative situations that take place with office and project politics. This presentation was recorded at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) 2009. This recording includes the full audio capture as well as the video that shows the slides and images I referenced. Use this link to the PNSQC site and the recording.

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Storytelling may seem like an unusual topic for a software tester but I’ve been interested in storytelling for years and have learned ways to integrate storytelling in the work that I do. It is, after all, stories that I long to hear. From childhood and even today, it is story that draws me in. Stories are more memorable than raw data. Even in the time-pressed world we live in, most of us will sort of stop, slow down a bit and listen when we hear a story.

I look for ways to use story to explain product status and information that might otherwise be flat. I’ve been discovering many ways to use story in my work.

At the Oredev Conference in Malmo Sweden, I talked about storytelling.


The schools of software testing
Scott Barber and I recorded a webcast on the schools of software testing.

How to plan your software test projects
Michael Kelly and I recorded a webcast together discussing how to develop test plans. During the webcast, Mike and I each talk about how we plan for a project.

Which software tests are right for your project?
I recorded a webcast for Tech Target’s Search Software Quality website. During the webcast, I talk about different types of tests and testing techniques, such as black box testing vs. white box testing. Other types of testing reviewed include integration testing, functional testing, performance testing and usability testing.