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23 rooms

This has been a hard week. My mom became critically ill and remains in ICU. This might seem a strange time to blog … …but writing helps me. And if my blog is a reflection of me and my life … Continue reading

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A case of falsely-generated email

This week amidst all the crazy airline flight cancellations and my own pending flight to the Software Test & Performance Conference, I received an erroneous email from a large airline carrier. I had already booked a flight with a major … Continue reading

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Data sources for exploration

Sometimes when I’m looking into ways to analyze data or I want to play with an analysis tool, chart or technique I need data. Sometimes I don’t want to use data gathered through my work and sometimes I don’t want … Continue reading

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Assorted thoughts and links on data visualization

These thoughts and links are related but random – while I normally blog in more of a story format – these thoughts tie together only through the theme of data visualization. Picked up on this blog re: data visualization. Nice … Continue reading

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