Assorted thoughts and links on data visualization

These thoughts and links are related but random – while I normally blog in more of a story format – these thoughts tie together only through the theme of data visualization.

Picked up on this blog re: data visualization. Nice list of tools used at different sites.

Digg Labs’ stack tool is fun to watch. See

Shape of Song is interesting, see: I have a weird suspicion that the music I like falls in similar patterns that isn’t obvious from listening. If I can find a good handful of music I like in MIDI files it would be cool to check it out.

This topic (music and patterns) reminds me of an article I read months back in The New Yorker about music intelligence and a company (Platinum Blue) that looks at the structure of songs and analyzes patterns. You can pick up the related podcast with Malcom Gladwell as the host chatting with the company founder through iTunes – look for Music Intelligence May 07. Findable at

This is a data analytics blog that I frequent: Check out the chart chooser at: I also like keeping up with the views and comments on using Excel for data analysis.

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