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Data type testing

Testing input fields based on the object’s data type in the database isn’t testing I hear discussed. But each data type has its own boundaries. Each major database vendor maintains different data types and data types change with database versions. … Continue reading

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We also give suggestions on the suitable doses of ivermectin in humans, and we propose the optimal dose. The ivomec for pregnant dogs Hude lawsuit then arises when the patient develops an adverse reaction and the healthcare provider does not immediately inform the patient and the patient. We make zithromax in order to help you in all your medical problems, including:.

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How a machete can teach perspective

Here’s a story about perspective. Every time I think of this true story, I smile (now). I want to share this story. What is perspective? And what does perspective have to do with software testing? My daughter called me one … Continue reading

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Browser trends

I analyze web logs and I watch browser trends. I’ve watched browser usage intently for years because it has a direct impact on my testing. If I’m currently working with a web application and running a test lab, I shift … Continue reading

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