The following is a list of people in software testing who have known me for a long while and can tell you something about me.

James Bach at Satisfice, Inc.

Scott Barber at PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Doug Hoffman at Software Quality Methods, LLC.

Cem Kaner at the Florida Institute of Technology

Rob Sabourin at Amibug.Com Inc.

Mike Kelly at


Association for Software Testing (AST)
I am a member of the association. I was previously a Director on the Executive Council for AST.

Chicago Quality Assurance Association (CQAA)
I am a member of the association.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
I am a member of the association.


The following is a list of workshops focused on different aspects of software testing that I’ve participated in.

Workshop on Regulated Software Testing WREST
Workshop on Open Certification WOC
Workshop in Heuristics and Exploratory Testing WHET
Indianapolis Workshop on Software Testing IWST
Workshop on Performance and Reliability WOPR
Austin Workshop on Test Automation AWTA
Los Altos Workshop on Software Testing LAWST
Workshop on Teaching Software Testing WTST