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Chars, strings, and injections

As a follow-up to testing with numbers, there are special chars, strings, and injections I use in testing alpha fields. Name fields are a good example of testing alpha fields because first and last name fields are common. And name … Continue reading

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Testing by the Numbers

The numbers: 3, 7, 10, 2038, 32767, 65535, -9, 1.7, and 0. These are numbers I like to test with. There’s a reason I use each of these numbers. Each number has a story of its own. The number 2038 … Continue reading

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Can we find what we seek?

How do you search for information? Is one search on Google enough to satisfy what you seek? How do you filter, qualify, and scan information? I devoured the book Ambient Findability in a single reading. The author Peter Morville discusses … Continue reading

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