Reporting a mobile defect

This past week I taught a class on mobile testing at CAST 2012. We brainstormed a list of factors to consider when reporting a mobile defect. Not all of these items will be a factor in the defect but it is a list to think about.

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• Hardware Specific: Try another device, try a device that is close in “class”
• Note the OS, manufacturer, version of device, and the version of software
• Browser
• Device orientation
• Battery status
• Data
• Applications running in background
• Connectivity. Network – wifi – if there was any carrier switching taking place
• Location
• Device Settings
• Drivers, LED notifications, Bluetooth
• SIM Cards
• SD Cards
• Integration with other software
• Language Settings
• Varying Bandwidth
• Input speed and mechanism
• Navigation Path

Thanks to attendees: Kelli Cruz, Nicole Thompson, Cathy Clary, Cherri Shang, Rajiv Bhati, Saraswathy Ramadas, Chris Anders, Sakina Crocker, Jon Hagar, Gary Norris, Anand Ramdeo, and Jean Ann Harrison. And to Eric Proegler who facilitated.

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