Seeking tool for tracking dlls

I’m looking for a tool replacement and hoping someone might be able to make a recommendation.

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The tool OpenTrap was an old favorite of mine. I’d run OpenTrap and then launch whatever application I was trying to get more information on. OpenTrap would show me every supporting file the application relied on. It would show from which directory the file was being loaded – this last part was helpful when I was trying to track down dll conflicts. I could see when an application called the wrong dll because the app was loading from windows\system when it should have been loading from the application directory.

It was a great tool for finding dependencies. It sometimes answered the issue of – it works on my machine – since I could use the tool to see not just dll dependencies but dlls that call other dlls.

I gained deeper knowledge of the application I was testing when I used to track the dependent dlls and then look up core dlls to find out what function each dll handled. I’ve looked around for a tool replacement but haven’t found anything yet. I don’t need a process viewer and I’m not looking for a dll repair utility. I want to see every dll being loaded by an application and I want a tool that works on Vista.


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