Personal drivel

Recently I’ve been asked to share some personal details about myself and while I vowed when I started blogging that I would keep personal drivel out of my blog, I decided the best way to respond was to write a 5 things you didn’t know about me piece– so here goes.

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First, I wrote six things because I don’t like false limitations.

1. I lead an intentionally quiet life.

2. I think some of life’s simplest treats are crispy bacon, vine ripe tomatoes, cheese, and cold Asian noodles. I like fancier foods but not on ordinary days.

3. My daughter is the most fascinating person I know. In comparison everything else is somewhat interesting.

4. I wish I could spend more of my life writing. My best days are writing days, best writing hours are 6am-9am and best writing sprints are accomplished if no one talks to me.

5. I’m used to hours of conference calls but otherwise I hate the phone. I generally will not take an unscheduled call – if I can avoid it. Voice mail agitates me more than nearly anything else.

6. I drink more coffee than I should.

Meanwhile multi-user testing, deadlocks scenarios, concurrency issues, stem searching, space trimming and searching with wildcards fill my head as remnants of the past two weeks.

I wrote this piece but didn’t want to post it. Couldn’t figure out why and waited realizing that unless I had content that was on topic, I didn’t want to clog the forum. Since I’ve written about database schemas as well today – then I decided to post both at the same time. I don’t mean to be rude or abrupt, I just think in most cases, time is tight and personal drivel has limited interest.

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