A Year of Blogging

I started blogging one year ago and the last couple of weeks I’ve been reflecting on my blogging. These are some of my assorted thoughts in no particular order.

I feel that blogging is like attending a cocktail party. It’s important to listen (read) as much as to speak (write). Sometimes I write and sometimes I read other people’s blogs. I enjoy both.

Blogging has brought me closer to the community of software testing. I use to feel the connection of the community when I attended conferences once or twice a year but blogging bridges the gaps between the conferences and workshops.

I’ve met people through my blog. I’ve had more people email me directly than post comments on my blog. I’ve met people I might not have met any other way.

Blogging has helped me organize my thoughts and impressions. Since I typically blog once a week, it helps me to think about the week in a recap. Writing about my experiences helps me to see what I’ve learned. Sometimes I write about current topics from the week sometimes I write about nostalgic experiences.

My blog has highlighted to me the diversity of my experiences. I believe it’s the tremendous variety in software testing that I’ve been fortunate to have that has kept my work interesting. And I purposely seek that variety when I’m looking for work.

Sometimes when I blog I feel like I’m teaching. After I write I read my blog and if I think newer testers won’t understand what I’m writing about I try to add enough information to either learn directly from my blog or provide links to find more on a topic. Blogging has helped me realize how much I enjoy teaching and helping people learn about software testing.

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