I work on both short and longer-term assignments and projects.

I work on projects functioning as either a hands-on tester or strategic advisor.

A few questions I get asked often:

What is short assignment? A half day.

What is long? Twice (in the past eight years), I have had clients that I have worked with for 12 months or longer. In one situation, I worked part-time with a client for a long time while I balanced other short assignments in parallel.

I believe in being upfront about what I’m doing and how I work. If you have questions, please ask.

What is your typical length of contract? I honestly don’t have a typical or normal. The range and variety over the past eight years has been tremendous.

What do you do? I mean really … exactly what do you do? It depends – you probably expected that answer but really it depends on what the client needs. It often looks like this:

An executive (VP, CTO) wants to improve software quality but is not sure how to do that. They hire me, I come onsite, I make an assessment and we go from there. I do not replace people. I mentor and coach existing staff.

I often help roll out Exploratory Testing practices.

Software Testing Classes

I teach classes on software testing. I teach tutorials at testing conferences but I am also available for corporate training. Please contact me to discuss.