sites for mobile testing, news, etc.

A few people have asked me what sites I follow and read to keep up on mobile news.

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mobile usage stats

To use the service, you need to apply and setup the service – from there you can track device statistics.

mobile manufacturers

mobile browsers

mobile design
A worldwide community with local chapters for mobile design – Mobile Monday, known as MoMo.

mobile testing communities

mobile testing
Product offerings to test mobile devices remotely.

mobile news

quick tests for mobile readiness

mobile device detection

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4 Responses to sites for mobile testing, news, etc.

  1. Sunil says:

    Wanted to know more about the Automation tool to be used in Mobile application testing. is there any tool which support Android, iphone, blackberry and windows phone.

    Also if you have any PPT on Mobile application testing, please forward me on

    Thanks in advance
    Sunil Babar

  2. Rubina says:


    Karen thanks for these links.I am new to mobile testing but there is one more blog which helped a lot to me to crack the interview and i think it is the one of the best blog i came across.It’s Mobile Application Testing ( can include it in your list.

    Also thanks for following links you provided.It’s really good.

    mobile usage stats

    mobile testing communities

  3. Mike Girenko says:

    There is a good article by Julian Harty, “A Primer in Testing Mobile Phone Applications”, which can be found here:

  4. karennjohnson says:

    Thanks Mike.

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