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This afternoon I was talking with a friend and colleague who asked me about my writing, more specifically about software testing articles I’ve written. He was surprised to learn that I had published six articles in the past couple of months – he hadn’t realized that I wrote so much or so often. I thought most certainly I had listed the articles on my blog as each article had been released but it doesn’t look like it. Here’s a list:

“A Heuristic for Regression Testing”
SearchSoftwareQuality, March 2010

“Women of Influence: A Diverse Group of the World’s Top Women Software Testers Share Career Highlights And Insights Into the Profession, Past, Present and Future”
Software Test & Performance Magazine, January 2010

“Testing SMS Texting Applications”
SearchSoftwareQuality, January 2010

“Manipulating Business Intelligence to solve dense data warehouse testing issues”
Understanding the testing challenges associated with data reconciliation on a Business Intelligence (BI) project. Part I.
SearchSoftwareQuality, January 2010

“Testing data fields in business Intelligence projects”
Testing data reconciliation on a Business Intelligence (BI) project. Part II.
SearchSoftwareQuality, January 2010

“Tips for Better User Acceptance Testing”
InformIT, December 2009

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You can find a full list of articles I’ve published on the publications page of my website.

I have an article about working on virtual teams that will be coming out on InformIT soon – probably within the next two weeks. I have another article on user acceptance testing (UAT) to be released by SearchSoftwareQuality soon. So yes, I have actually been quietly writing quite a bit about testing in recent weeks/months.

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