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So last weekend while I was supposed to be writing with Mike Kelly, I was distracted, and of course, distracted him from writing as well as we revamped my website. See: http://www.karennjohnson.com

I’m sure my new site has issues, feel free to tell me about them – you can email me. I’ve been too caught up in testing and other related activities to spend more time on my own site this week.

It occurs to me that other testers might find it interesting to hear about the kinds of actual activities I’ve been doing so here’s a list of things I was involved with this week.

I should mention that I’m currently working on two of distinctly different projects so if this list looks strange or has unrelated items, that’s why. I’m also writing an article – or supposed to be – I may be procrastinating by blogging instead.

• Search testing in Sinhalese and Tamil languages
• Search testing with Ferret and the Google custom search engine
• Confirming a bug on 64bit vs. 32 bit environment
• Reviewing specs about RSS feeds
• Source to target data reconciliation with OLAP cubes
• Review of ETL jobs to find details of specific data transformation
• Kicking off a user acceptance test cycle; writing test ideas for users, clarifying a process, etc.
• Writing user stories; experimenting with the GWT (given, when, then) format
• Writing an article based on agile project experience

If anyone is interested in any of these topics, let me know. I can try to blog in a non-client, non-data specific way – which is sometimes challenging and keeps me from blogging. Client confidentiality is important to me.

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