Cookies & the hosts file on Vista

I haven’t tested a cookie in a long time, so long I realized I didn’t know where cookies are stored on Vista. Finding cookies on Vista is more of a headache than I can recall in any other Windows versions. There are two directories:

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Even though I had the path, I still couldn’t find the cookies. I finally learned what I needed to do was to remove a protection setting. (Even though I’m an administrator on the Vista laptop I was using and I have the annoying user control protection turned off, I still had to turn this file protection setting off as well.) I found two pieces of information especially helpful:

1. This post on Vista Annoyances:

2. Learning that in Windows Explorer (on Vista), if you press F10 an old familiar toolbar appears that includes the much-needed Tools menu. Open up Windows Explorer, press F10 and you can see what I’m referring to.

I also need to make changes to my hosts file on Vista and had some trouble finding the file. I found the info I needed here:

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