CAST 2008: The Call for Papers

The official Call for Papers has been posted for the Conference for the Association of Software Testing – see the full CFP.

The theme is Beyond the Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Software Testing. I’m excited about the theme – I’m looking forward to discussions and papers surrounding how we learn from different fields and bring that knowledge into the practice of software testing. As one of the program co-chairs for the conference, I’ll be able to review paper submissions and help ensure that the theme means something in terms of the overall spirit of the conference.

The entry on interdisciplinary is worth a read as refresher for what the term truly means. I especially like this phrase: “Interdisciplinary approaches typically focus on problems felt by the investigators to be too complex or wide-ranging to be dealt with using the knowledge and methodology of a single discipline…”

If you have any questions re: paper submissions please use the email address . This way my program co-chairs (Doug Hoffman, Christelle Sharff, Morven Gentlemen) and I will see all questions and comments that come in.

Submissions deadline is February 4th.

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