Another use for a Hex Editor

One small task I currently have is using small text files to feed a test simulation application. Each character provides either data or a setting of significance to the test. This means I need to read small text strings and count carefully to update the alphanumeric characters. If I’m off by a character, it can affect the test dramatically so I have to be very careful. It is a tedious but essential task. I tried importing the unformatted text into Excel but had no luck. I’ve tried reading and counting slowly in notepad but when I have a long string of zeroes, it can be easy to lose my place. I’ve been experimenting with my hex editor (since I sometimes need the hex value too) as a tool to help me read the strings and count the characters. The visual use of the grid makes counting easier for me. And the fact that the hex value appears on the same view is convenient.

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